Trusted Advisors or Facebook Frauds?


I’ve always dabbled in social media when it comes to our business. As we approach the new financial year, I decided to concentrate my efforts on Facebook….. after all, it is filled with our target demographic and many existing clients hang out there too. So, for the past few months I have made small tweaks and […]


Jobseekers on Social Media… where’s the common sense?


Here’s a scary thought for all of the jobseekers out there; what does your social media profile really say about you? We receive a steady stream of resumes sent through to us and I do always look them over and keep them all on file in case a suitable position were to come up. However, […]


The Accountants Guide to Ice Age Village: Animal Return on Acorn Investment


By now it seems there are a lot of people enjoying the Ice Age Village app. Today I was fortunate enough to win 100 acorns (twice!) playing the Scrat mini game. So where is the best place to invest these valuable nuts? I turned to my old friend Google and came up with very little helpful […]


One Accountant in the Twitterverse…. is it worth the time?


Although our business uses Twitter (@ALaccountants), I don’t think it has ever really effectively used Twitter. We’re your typical small business; we each wear several hats, we have limited resources (time being the most precious), we often work long, long hours in the business and sometimes that work-life balance thing seems like nothing but a distant dream. Being accountants, marketing is not […]


I don’t care what you had for breakfast on Tuesday


I’m all for small businesses having a social media presence and engaging online regularly. What I don’t understand is small businesses having a social media presence and flooding readers with irrelevant, personal updates and chatter all day long. By all means, add a touch of personality but if you want to link to every random “cute” photo online […]