Trusted Advisors or Facebook Frauds?


I’ve always dabbled in social media when it comes to our business. As we approach the new financial year, I decided to concentrate my efforts on Facebook….. after all, it is filled with our target demographic and many existing clients hang out there too. So, for the past few months I have made small tweaks and changes to post types and times to get a better idea of what fans find engaging and what is apparently only interesting to me. I {Read More}

Jobseekers on Social Media… where’s the common sense?


Here’s a scary thought for all of the jobseekers out there; what does your social media profile really say about you? We receive a steady stream of resumes sent through to us and I do always look them over and keep them all on file in case a suitable position were to come up. However, before I do that I often Google the sender and check out their profiles at popular social media sites. Sometimes I am just shocked at {Read More}

The Accountants Guide to Ice Age Village: Animal Return on Acorn Investment


By now it seems there are a lot of people enjoying the Ice Age Village app. Today I was fortunate enough to win 100 acorns (twice!) playing the Scrat mini game. So where is the best place to invest these valuable nuts? I turned to my old friend Google and came up with very little helpful information. Spurred on by the desire to invest wisely (and the ongoing debate in our household over whether a Red Sloth is a better investment {Read More}

One Accountant in the Twitterverse…. is it worth the time?


Although our business uses Twitter (@ALaccountants), I don’t think it has ever really effectively used Twitter. We’re your typical small business; we each wear several hats, we have limited resources (time being the most precious), we often work long, long hours in the business and sometimes that work-life balance thing seems like nothing but a distant dream. Being accountants, marketing is not always front-of-mind (the truth is, as a profession we generally suck at it). And the topics we chat about ( …. accounting principles, taxation laws, cashflow projections, compliance regulations, {Read More}

I don’t care what you had for breakfast on Tuesday


I’m all for small businesses having a social media presence and engaging online regularly. What I don’t understand is small businesses having a social media presence and flooding readers with irrelevant, personal updates and chatter all day long. By all means, add a touch of personality but if you want to link to every random “cute” photo online or talk about the muffin you ate for breakfast, get a personal account. I’m sure your friends and family will be thrilled to be kept {Read More}